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Biosphere Atmosphere Group

Welcome to the website of the Biosphere Atmosphere Group (BAG) at the University of Leeds! In BAG we work to understand how the biosphere and atmosphere interact and how humans are altering the Earth System. Our research covers three broad themes:

  • UK Landscape Restoration and Net Zero
  • Air Quality and Human Health
  • Tropical Deforestation and Impacts on Climate

Further information on each of our projects can be found here.

Find out more about our team of world-leading researchers here.


Research Highlights

Health impacts of Arctic wildfires

New paper from researchers in BAG quantifies the health impacts of wildfires in the Arctic. During 2001–2020 we attribute ~21,000 excess deaths to Arctic Council wildfires on average each year, of which ~8000 occur in countries outside the Arctic Council.

Natural colonisation of trees in the UK uplands

New research in collaboration with the Wild Ingleborough project, in the Yorkshire Dales, highlights the potential for ‘natural colonisation’ of trees to create new woodlands as an alternative technique to tree planting.

Job opportunities to restore nature in the Lake District National Park

Exciting new job opportunities working with Forestry England & National Trust helping to restore nature in Miterdale in the Lake District National Park #SpeciesSurvivalFund. Deadline: 12th July. Funded by @DefraGovUK & @HeritageFundUK