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Tree cover targets to tackle greenhouse gases

TREE COVER TARGETS TO TACKLE CLIMATE CHANGE by Piers Forster, Catherine Scott and Dominick Spracklen, April 2020

From Wood Wise (Woodland Trust), Spring 2020.

Prof Piers Forster, Dr Catherine Scott and Prof Dominick Spracklen are researchers at the University of Leeds, researching aspects of climate and the role of forests. They contribute to Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) reports on the state of the science. They contributed an article to Wood Wise, the seasonal publication from the Woodland Trust (to subscribe email

"Tree planting targets seem all the rage these days. From election manifestos to newspapers pledging to plant trees, everyone’s at it. We discuss the climate science behind such targets. In particular, we look at how we use science to relate the international need to limit global warming, to the UK 2050 net-zero emissions target that includes strong UK action on woodland creation".

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