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Here's a collection of videos of various aspects of the project, from footage from our wildlife cameras to practical conservation work.

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A stoat and squirrel sandwich - one of the training courses we run at Hardknott Forest is a "camera trapping for beginners" day, where we look at how to set up a remote wildlife camera. Ewan, one of last year's participants, has been setting up and checking a camera since he attended the training day, and has been sending us some of the results.

Leaky dam construction: time lapse footage - we recently teamed up with staff from South Cumbria Rivers Trust and Forestry England to contruct a leaky dam.

Red squirrels seen at Hardknott again - after very infrequent glimpses of red squirrels for the last few years, some more regular sightings have resulted in some camera trap footage of red squirrels.

Peatbog monitoring - this September we collected monitoring data on our restored peatbog. This included measuring the depth of the peat, which was nearly 3 metres at this point.

Zoom Presentation - an online version of the presentation and talk about the project.

Woodcock getting too much attention?

Badger action at Hardknott Forest.

Project Manager Dom Spracklen and Project Officer John Hodgson talk to The North Face about the project.

How many woodcock?

Peatbog restoration

Heron Hunt