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You'll find blogs, articles and more from staff and volunteers on these pages.

The Butterfly Effect: Monitoring at Hardknott Forest by Jess Wison, Project Assistant, July 2022

Angela's Alders: tree propagation methods by Angela Sture, Project Volunteer, October 2021

Volunteering at Hardknott Forest by John Hodgson, Project Officer, August 2021

Mountain flora expedition to Glenridding by Tasmin Fletcher, Project Assistant, May 2021

What's in a name? A discussion on forestry and conservation terms by Craig Holden, Project Assistant, November 2020

Place names at Hardknott Forest by Tasmin Fletcher, Project Assistant, October 2020

Tree cover targets to tackle greenhouse gases by Piers Forster, Catherine Scott and Dominick Spracklen, April 2020

What's so special about aspen? by Tasmin Fletcher, Project Assistant, March 2020